Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Thank You

Blane deLoach and family left us back to America to attend to medical care.

Thank you for the friendship and companionship to the people of Malaysia and Penang.

We will certainly remember your jokes and laughter and also Skyelor!

Keep pumping iron and whenever you need ayam kicap let me know... i will ship it to you

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

I basically got engaged in a conversation with a friend from Iran... it's an eye-opener that you could meet a muslim being so 'open' to talk about religion. anyway.. my friend told me about his opinions on why we should not consume 'unclean' food because that will risk us not entering heaven. this thought is very much keeping the law and working ourselves up to heaven... anyway god did reveal to us that he has made all food clean (found in the book of Acts) and so we are free to consume whatever we want as long as it is treated corretly that doesn't mess up our diagestic systems.

so he said.. even if a man comes up to you and say if you eat this.. you will die. there's a probability of 0.0000000000000001% that it might be poisonous and might get us killed for eating that. i think in today's culture, we are so contented to a belief that we are not suppose to do certain things which might cause us to sin otherwise. in chinese culture, there are tons of taboos that we need to be aware of to keep the gods calm. in islam, it's typical to keep the 5 pillars everyday including not eating pork... buddhism have the eight fold path... while christians have the 10 commandments. well... the similar things of all these are moving up to heaven or reaching nirvana yet the truth still remains. our sins remains a stain in our hearts.

why i become a christian is that i found an ultimate sacrifice that removes us from eternal condemnity and judgement. it's God sending His one and only son to die on the cross - and his name is Jesus. of all the other religions and keeping the law clean, i've found a truth according to the bible is that we are not able to fulfill the law and behave well. we need mercy and grace.... this story can be stretched to very long but to keep it short Jesus came more than 2000 years ago and claim that He is the way, the truth and the life.. of all the other ways of working our ways up to heaven, he is the road less taken. the 0.0000000000000000001% that people don't even want to consider him as the only gate to heaven. and so it says, even there's a chance of 0.0000000000000000001% that Jesus might be right, why don't we even take the chance of believing in Him now than to regret later?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ignore Critics

how to deal with critics? use the simple guidelines below.

step #1: ignore them
step #2: ignore them
step #3: ignore them
step #4: ignore them

that's true. more often than not we are criticising what people do at church. we criticise the worship, the call group leader, missionary or even the pastor. but this doesn't make us Christ-like. Perry Noble has some great insights on how to deal with critics. click here.

by criticizing, we do not only bring the person down when we are not suppose to. apparently, it makes us a hypocrite by criticizing and condemning people without acting it ourselves. that makes us nothing less than a Pharisee. and it happens to me all the time. i know that i've been called to reach out to people, and i've been emphasizing to my peers to be friendly and talk to people and share the news but i have not done any lately. i hope i would not have the excuse that i could not do the harvesting since i am working now. i hope to improve...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Need New Gadgets

recently got both my phone and ipod touch stolen from my car - broken-hearted - sad - told my mom - mom told dad - dad gave RM2k - YAY!~ i can get a new iphone (phone + ipod touch). waited patiently for iphone 3gs to tap into Malaysia so i can get iphone 3g at a cheaper price. i wanna get a 16G one so i can put in all my favorite songs and videos and Aps.

4th July 2009 - needed to sign property agreement form - waited mom at the lobby playing with wei yee and sis - tried some piggy-back experience - sis swing her leg like she's 6 years old, happily laughing. but in fact she's 20 now. got myself in trouble, i can't support the weight she has... i think she weighs 60kg at least + the momentum, i could be handling 120kg at that time. legs felt too weak cos hadn't been playing soccer for a while - face fall flat to the ground. lost part of my front tooth - and thanks wei yee for keeping my tooth in her new purse. you are sweet girl keeping part of me everywhere you go!

went to see dentist after lunch ( i could hardly eat!), with my nose and mouth swollen. doctor says he gotta remove my kernel? or veins so that i will not get infected by bacteria. hmm... cost rm950 - so now, can't get iphone. left ipod touch (2nd gen). well. whatever. i can still put in my songs and videos and play around with my aps anyway. who cares getting an iphone when a phone get easily outdated and phased out. so. Rm950 for dental + RM1200 for ipod touch. still need to spend rm150 from my own pocket... sob sob

Sunday, May 17, 2009

8 golden traffic rules

i have a pastor at church, blane deloach visiting singapore at the very first time to get an aid on his health conndition. he is amazed of how clean singapore is and how weird people are driving. cars stayed on their very own lane... and the dont't make 3 lanes out of 2 lanes... the fact is singaporeans are not the weird ones.. we are. well.. he never really meant that the singaporeans are the weird ones by the way.

i got tired when people telling me how misbehave penang drivers are... not to regard myself as a true penangite, these claims are true not all the time but partly.

these claims should not refer only at the people of penang but to all malaysians as a whole. we have the same mentality, due to the same identical culture. penangites communicate with kay-el people, kay-el people talks to johorians, johorians deal business with malaccans... our attitude and thought determine our action and it can be reflected on the way we drive as well. talk to a sweet lady and you'll know she's not as sweet as you thought she might be when she take you on a ride...

people travel often north, south, east and west throughout malaysia for business purposes, vacation, visiting relative, etc... penang drivers do not limit itself to drivers from penang anymore.. they might originate from kl city, or sungai petani. so, when you see cars with car plate number starting with the letter "P", hold your thought and don't assume they are penangites and start to blame him/her for bad driving. they might even be a mat-salleh.

hitz.fm did a good job braodcasting the "8 golden traffic rules on road safety". they did not came out with those rules though.. the road safety department actually did it. so here's the list:

  1. Plan your journey. For journeys beyond 2 hours a second driver is
    recommended. If you are tired, sleepy, drunk or in an emotional
    state, postpone your journey.
  2. Always adhere to prescribed speed limits.
  3. Give signals and observe all safety rules when changing lanes, by
    checking side mirrors and rearview mirrors before executing this
    potentially dangerous traffic maneuver.
  4. Always comply with traffic rules at intersections especially stopping on
    red and amber warning signs and giving priority to pedestrians.
  5. Avoid tailgating at all times as it is the main cause of many serious
  6. Observe safety guidelines when overtaking. Never overtake when in
  7. Don’t jump queue or abuse the usage of emergency lanes as it is not
    only very rude but also very dangerous.
  8. Avoid weaving through traffic as it can jeopardise your safety and that
    of other road users.

so my followers (term borrowed from Twitter), if you read this, spread the word!

to close this entry, motocyclists in penang are no doubt unconscious rude! they are still crazy and i don't think they could tune in to hitz.fm be aware of the traffic rules on road safety. so travellers from other states or country, should you need to blame, blame on the road cyclists.. lol~